S-02 Wireless Speaker – Black (G-38)

S-02 hand speaker wireless speaker with built-in microphone. Enjoy your time with the music that you love in this portable speaker. It’s easy to carry around and share with family or friends. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or a USB Memory Card play list. It has a 33 ft operating range. It has a rechargeable 3.7V battery 1200mAh. The speaker is Φ40mm 4Ω/3w*2 Wireless 4.2.

SUGGESTION: Before using the FM function, insert the charging cable (included) into the charging port to have it act as an antenna for a better signal.

Speaker Dimension: 10″x 3″x 3″, 1. lb.

Included is the speaker, charging cable, and instruction manual.

with Built-in Microphone and Rechargeable Battery iPhone / iPad / Android / Tablet / 3.5mm

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Weight 17 oz